On the Runway: Karaleev Joop

You might have already recognized that Vladimir Karaleev is one of my favourite Berlin talents. He presented his work in an off-site location, showing a very slow and silent presentation, where the models just stood still in front of white walls. In the video, Timo asks him if the Nationalgalerie hadn’t been a better choice for this. Vladimir agrees, but states he doesn’t have the power to get into this building, as the brand Joop! did on the very same evening. We also meet U. Gutmair,who prefered to talk about the music.


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  1. orsola on


    Interesting setting for Vladimir’s collection. It suits the severe looks and let the viever concentrate on the sculptural details. I like especially the collar on the gray blazer. Definitely my style! It seems like he has really brilliant tailor skills. I’d love to have a closer look at them. Where does he sell them?

  2. Vinda Sonata on


    nice collections. they are so well-made. interesting setting too. good job! :)

  3. Striped Shirts on


    I really like the blue outfit!Looks gorgeous!

  4. Kale on


    The contrast between the two shows was quite interesting on one hand you have Valdimirs more architectural, sculptural and structured garments and on the other you have Joops commercial take on fashion. I really liked how each space represented their perspective on clothing.



    Very interesting post, I loved the cuts, really really interesting!

  6. Amy on


    wowit’s fantastic blue dresslooks like unique blue dressthanks stil in berlin :)



    wow!This is so cool!

  8. Lyne on


    Ugh! Why don’t accredited fashion week attendees know about offsite shows such as this?!? I travel 8000 miles from the States to buy German labels, especially anything structured and avant-garde, and I never hear about these shows let alone get invited. Waaah! Mary, thanks for posting so the rest of us can see this brilliant new talent. Love the construction and innovative folding of what looks to be felt or heavy wool.

  9. ro-jin on


    excellent color combination and texture of fabric. very impressive. I take this embed code to my blogspot. Thank you.

  10. Mary on


    lyne, vladimir has never been part of the official schedule, but he will be in paris, if you want to catch up

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