Milan: Barbara


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  1. Cecylia on


    Cute glasses and earrings!

  2. catherine on


    those earrings and glassea are amazing! and I think it’s brilliant that she’s smiling, if you’re happy then you should always show it, especially if your smile is as nice as her’s.

  3. Kale on


    He smile is so radiant made me happy straight away!I love people that don’t take fashion too seriously but still do it as well as anyone who does I think it maybe their different perspective on life So amazing

  4. orsola on


    i can believe if she wasn’t smiling she wouldn’t look so effortless chic. that smile express a happy personality and very often this makes a deep difference in a shot i think. btw, interesting that you look for people who are not smiling for your pictures. i’m curious why.greets

  5. AlxndR on


    strong candidate for the Claudia Roth look-a-like contest. ;)

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