Milan Men’s Fashion Week: Outside Giuliano Fujiwara

Manos, 32, Stylist

Gentucca Bini coat,
Vintage shirt, trousers, and glasses,
Wunderkind hat
B&B shoes
Gallo socks

As you might expect, Manos stood out amongst the crowd of black outside Giuliano Fujiwara. Colour is rare in the sea of Rick Owens, especially all three primary colours in one look. There’s a humour to his style though, which is something that normally gets lost in the seriousness of fashion weeks. The look still remains classic Italian to me, some cross between Roberto Benigni and Giuletta Masina.


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  1. Kale on


    I also like this because it doesn’t take fashion seriously it seem fun and whimsical through the choices of clothing he wears all the classical pieces like a coat. a shirt and trousers but the choice of how those garments are shaped and coloured brilliant

  2. Anonymous on


    He looks like a clown.

  3. MEO on


    perfect description!

  4. decorating fabric on


    This outfit stands out. I mean the jacket with the yellow pants looks very eccentric.

  5. outsourcing services on


    He looks pretty fancy on that outfit. I love his colorful shoe.

  6. Cecylia on


    Is he colour blind?

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