Milan Men’s Fashion Week: Anna Dello Russo

Milan is filled with incredibly well-tailored suits at the moment (and I suppose at any time of the year). And while I’m normally not photographing the more sartorial looks, Anna Dello Russo caught everyone’s attention when she stepped out of her car at the Gucci show. It’s hard enough for a man to find a suit that fits properly, but if any woman has the resources to accomplish this look, it’s her. I love the loose fit of the trousers, moving away from the slim silhouette that’s been dominating the past years. Reminds me a lot of Katherine Hepburn, but the heels update the look.


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  1. Cecylia on


    Anna looks like a man…

  2. dolceedamara on


    Very nice classical combination. Love it!

  3. Sabine on


    Such an untypical look for her…

  4. Dorin S on


    Masculine outfit. Nice :)

  5. spoozyliciouzz on


    Sorry to say that, but that is just too loose…Anna has a great body to get dressed, but this one spoils her physics…I prefer to see her in something that fits her well.

  6. Two Hearts on


    wow. what an awesome outfit! xx maxi

  7. Anonymous on


    maybe one of the best look i’ve seen here…

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