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I did this video for a panel that I was moderating last week at Premium Exhibitions.


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  1. Sabine on


    Great little film. Suzy Menkes, she’s such a smart woman!

  2. Anonymous on


    Well done! Liked the film a lot.

  3. Desyn on



    this video is now part of “blog history” around the globe – many fashion insiders including myself will reference this video – i have already shared it –

    thanks again
    great job, V.

  4. Lyne on


    And an excellent job you and the rest of the Premium panel did! Glad I skipped the afternoon tent show for this most informative session although, for some reason, I thought Suzy Menkes would actually be in attendance. And kudos for handling the “business model” question with grace (I was the lucky duck who sat next to him) as that’s always the main argument from the traditional businessman and other naysayers.

  5. Anonymous on


    Not to severely shoot you down, but you could have interviewed individuals who write very well and have their own blog, not those bloggers you have chosen. There are better writers than they are and of course apart from Suzy Menkes.

  6. Johanna.Sauvage on


    great video
    She knows what she’s talking about.
    [and just to make a banal stupid comment myself, The Facehunter is a huge moron]
    Thanx Mary

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