Oranienstraße: Meret Kaufmann

Zara coat,
bag from Stockholm

Temperatures in Berlin were dropping below -10° at daytime this past weekend. There is certainly no other way than wrapping up in wool, combining layers and layers of knitted garments, but only few manage to still look as well dressed as Meret does. What you can learn from her: better add a smile on top of that clothes pile, you’re wearing, since there is no other way to endure this winter, that is the coldest I experienced (kind of) ever.


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  1. Festy on


    Ohh, das ist sehr kalt! Bei uns ist auch so kalt:((( Aber der Mantel sieht sehr gut aus!!Küsschen:Festy

  2. Yve on


    Sehr schönes Bild und eine richtig hübsche Dame mit tollem Mantel!

  3. ♥Lola on


    Her hair is stunning!

  4. spoozyliciouzz on


    Well, she has a truly beautiful smile, and her hair looks great.Nevertheless, her layering job could have been improved by some more bright colours…which is just my opinion.

  5. Flug USA on


    Wow, ich mag deine Haare :)Und der Mantel ist auch so wunderschön, ein richtig tolles Winter-Outift!

  6. dora on


    Sehr schoener Mantel! Meine Tante hatte einen aehnlichen in schwarz, der leider im Secondhand-Laden, statt in meinem Kleiderschrank landete…

  7. Vinda Sonata on


    ow lovely! she had totally managed looking great in layers without being too fluffy. nice coat too. she’s such a beauty!

  8. Sabine on


    Gorgeous! Cool coat and beautiful hair. When I was living in Berlin -25 degrees was quite normal in winter, but that’s a loooong time ago.

  9. the1015lab on


    Oh she is so sweet! I love the colors, the hair, the smile!

  10. Ma Li on


    Stunning look! Like it!

  11. saradowle on


    Fab outfit topped off with a great smile!

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