Stil in Stockholm: Elinor Nystedt

Elinor, Works in PR and Concept for Weekday

Vintage coat,
Weekday sweater, jeans, and scarf,
Karl Lagerfeld dress,
Carin Wester shoes,
Anna-Sara Dåvik silver fingernail

It’s hard to imagine Swedish fashion before Weekday. In just a few years, the company that launched the Cheap-Monday-heard-round-the-world franchise has become almost as ubiquitous as H&M in the closets of young Swedes. Weekday has followed the Swedish business model (see: H&M, IKEA, Volvo) perfectly, by creating affordable and commercial products, but still keeping a focus on design.

Weekday goes one step further, by straddling the line between commercial and underground. The staff in the shops are all young and beautiful (also known as the American Apparel approach – refer here or here if you need further proof), and the people behind the scenes, like Elinor, are always well-connected to the independent fashion scene in Scandinavia.

In the past months, mini-collections created through collaborations with small but influential Scandinavian designers like Carin Wester and Nhu Duong have continued to give the company its edginess, while being careful to not become too high-end, which would alienate the young clientele to which it caters.

Elinor is the perfect example of the Weekday approach, combining high fashion (Karl Lagerfeld, Sara Anna Dåvik, Carin Wester) with basic but well-constructed pieces from Weekday. Form and function, form and function…


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  1. TNT on


    congratulations on your new approach, getting to know your point of view adds a valuable reading to your blog. I really like it, I think it’s a change for the better!cheers from sydney

  2. Jullie Alonso on


    Perfect look!!!!!LOVE THE FINGERNAIL so muchkisses from Rio=**

  3. Anonymous on


    I really like your commentary added to your excellent photography!

  4. Christoffer on


    I love this blog. Are you aiming to be the next Satorialist or FaceHunter?

  5. Anonymous on


    i really enjoy reading the text – it helps the photos a lot. i love the looks too!

  6. Peterchens Mondfahrt on


    Das ist ja wirklich schön, jetzt auch bei euch was zu den Fotos lesen zu können…das ist ja genau wie auf meinem Lieblingsblog aus Kö Smilla.

  7. Sofia Neves on


    Yaay!This new approach gives the reader a well needed deeper view on fashion that I think most street syle (and fashion blogs) in general lack. You go Dario!

  8. Anonymous on


    our angel ;)

  9. Lynn and Horst on


    omg i totally missed that pictureher proportions and eclectic approach is stunningin love

  10. KYRA on


    the silver fingernail is gorgeous

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