At home: Aisha

Aisha is my lovely hostess in London, she lives inside a flat made out of clothes. The walls are made of Peter Jensen dresses, the floors are covered in Sonia Rykiel and the ceiling is a patchwork of vintage Valentino. Customized pumps and Vivienne Westwood boots line the walls and Aisha likes to wear delicate silk dresses from the 1930s for lunch.


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  1. Cecylia on


    What a great shoe collection!!

  2. ediot on


    WOW. she looks so fantastic! xxxx

  3. Lisa on


    …and she has amazing feet!

  4. Anonymous on


    Sexy as hell

  5. xavierkat on


    The fact that you changed the image killed all the beauty in it for me – I simply cannot look at a picture of a woman who is supposed to be relaxed and happy with herself (and her image – the loose, pretty, non-body flattering dress, the beautiful, healthy, glowing but long and simple, un-styled hair, the bare feet and the beautiful chaos she’s sitting in – implies so in every detail; it is only the red nail polish that got me thinking otherwise for a moment…) and know that she was actually not pleased with how the relaxed happiness looked at first, so she asked for it to be changed for the sake of beauty and image…in my eyes, the image now looks completely fake – and no gorgeous Peter Jensen dress or the relaxed piling up of designer and non-designer shoes behind her (which I found rather charming; I like to see people treating things as what they are – just things, not valuables to be kept in boxes and dustbags as if they were treasure, no matter how expensive they were…) can fix that anymore…

  6. Mary on


    Xavierkat,this is a decision left to Aisha, and I think it is only polite to agree on her wish to change the picture. everyone should have as much control as possible over which pictures of herhimself are presented in the public.

  7. Anonymous on


    Everyone who has shots taken has more than one photo taken- this lady is within her rights to choose the one she prefers to be publicized. As with most blogs final decisions go to the model. Anyone that has photos taken knows the way they like to look and the way they want to be perceived by the, ‘other’, it’s human and natural. This blog is about image and beauty, as are most if not all such superficial fashion blogs- which is why we love them. An element of construction and staging is therefore normal so logically, if this photo is fake then so is this whole blog. She is meant to be at home, not on the streets posing! She looks no more fake than the rest of these photos. But I do agree with your comment about the charming positioning of her objets…J’adore!

  8. MC on


    I can relate to Aisha – having yourself captured through photography is often daunting and I would also want the option of selecting an image I am most comfortable with – she seems lovely and this is a beautiful image of her in a space that is clearly an expression of who she is.

  9. Soumeya on


    I love her dress !

  10. xavierkat on


    @Mary & anonymous (sorry, have no other way to refer to you :))I completely understand what both of you are saying, I do. But I still feel that – for me, not necessarily for everyone – her request did make a difference. Of course one should have as much influence as possible over what images (and other materials) of him/her get published; but for me, the logic behind that request lies in the necessity of protecting someone from potential harm of sorts – not in defending everyone’s right to be the total owner of his or her own public image. The world has become a place obsessed with image and self-presentation, and I find it tiring; and a part of why I like fashion blogs lies in the idea that the people captured on them have (mostly) not been styled by teams of professionals in order to sell a certain image or value, but have styled themselves in what matches their lifestyle, their needs, their craving for something comfortable and functional, or a desire to make a statement – and someone has recognized the beauty in that, whether they’re at home or in the street, they have found the beauty in people simply feeling comfortable with themselves as they are. Yet somehow her action made me realize how far it actually is from that – how the need for constant maintaining of image, appearance and ‘message’ is everywhere, and no spontaneity is left anywhere. I meant no harm with my comment, and I understand all your counterarguments – they just don’t match my personal worldview, that’s all.

  11. Mary on


    “but have styled themselves in what matches their lifestyle, their needs, their craving for something comfortable and functional, or a desire to make a statement” – this is exactly what aisha has done, though, even more than the other people on this blog, in demanding to change the picture into one that fits her worldview and the view of herself better.

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