At Home: Mari Lippok

Mari, who wears her favourite Bernhard Wilhelm dress in this picture, lives around the corner from my house and she is my icon for simple delights. When she serves her guests something, one can be sure it is of highest quality, though it takes only little time to prepare. For example, she always has this special kind of soft water at home, and makes the most delicious flat bread with grainy salt and rosemary that goes incredibly well with some red wine on her balcony in late summer nights. I remember one dinner when she announced she would only prepare something very simple, and when we arrived the most mouth-watering scent of a heartwarming and dainty pasta sauce was already filling the room. If Mari invites you over, you can consider yourself lucky.


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  1. jimena on


    i love when people gives the better out for others as if they were giving it to themselves. that kind of generosity, investing time, patience and dedication to loved ones, family and friends, is kind of rare these days.i guess Mari is a wonderful (and visually stylish) person.

  2. Malin on


    Love this post.



    The detail that makes this photo Great and not “uh?” is the tea by her side, and she looks beautiful

  4. nurse fiction on


    Hm… Wo habe ich den Namen schon mal gehört? Ach, stimmt, das war so ein Robert Lippok von Monika Enterprise Label, der zusammen mit Barbara Morgenstern einen LP herausgegeben hat.

  5. stuff sonia love on


    i love this photoi really love the position, look of her.also her clothing and pillows fabric are so inspiring….too the tea pot from marocco….i wish i was her friend to be invited over….

  6. Anonymous on


    wird das jetzt ein katalog all eurer freunde?

  7. Mary on


    Nicht per se, aber ein solches Format verlangt natürlich, dass man die Leute kennt. Zum Glück sind unsere Freunde alle sehr interessant.

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