At home: Norman Palm

This is Norman Palm. The singer shares his time between Berlin and Mexico City, where his girlfriend lives. I can’t really grasp why he’s currently in an ice-covered Berlin, instead of hanging around in a sun-flooded Mexico, but I guess it’s because of his new album. He’s currently recording with the support of Daniel Nentwig, who normally plays the keyboards for The Whitest Boy Alive, and Emma and Mia from Le Corpse Mince de Francoise. When he’s not making music, he can also be found re-mixing Mexican billboards.


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  1. Sabine on


    He also seems to be living in a nice flat. Maybe that helps to survive arctic winters?

  2. Barbara on


    tolles foto mit all den roten farbklecksen! ich muss zugeben, ich bin ein bisschen neidisch auf das telefon.

  3. Anonymous on


    hoffe, dass es sich bald ausgekrempelt hat! langsam nervts. aber geiles telefon wo er hat!

  4. Lynn and Horst on


    ich will das nur noch. jeden tag. und als magazin.

  5. Anonymous on


    despite our tropical beaches, mexico city is cold right now!!

  6. teenage kitten on


    ich steh auf diese serie. please mehr davon!

  7. Anonymous on


    weiße wände sind soooo langweilig…

  8. rialobell on


    I love the mouse phone!!!

  9. Me on


    aww,i love his music,it’s very relaxing and just wonderful!and he looks so nice,like a guy you want to hang out with.

  10. baby crib on


    I adore that man. He is so great. I am hearing a lot of good things about that man. That is why I am so interested on everything about him. I want to know him more.

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