Backstage: Henrik Vibskov

I know that there is a tendency for bloggers to be over-enthusiastic about everything they see, but anyone who knows me can say that I’m normally the last person to gush. Henrik Vibskov presented his latest collection, entitled “The Slippery Spiral Situation,” and was definitely Vibskov at the best I’ve ever seen him. His shows are always the highlight of Copenhagen Fashion week, which I think is mostly attributed to his exhibition of not just a line of clothing, but an entire world, non-sensical as it may be. White-painted fingers, strange mirrored spectacles, wooden monastic hats, and a Twin Peaks inspired live soundtrack (with the designer himself playing the drums) all created an otherworldly atmosphere, which Vibskov himself probably couldn’t fully comprehend. But what set the show apart from the rest was the craftsmanship of Vibskov’s tailoring. As usual, his men’s collection was stronger than the women’s, but the cut and movement of both collections showed a maturity that was missing in past collections, while still keeping the magic of his quirky worldview intact.


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  1. Cecylia on


    Weird finger things..



    I agree with you, and nice shoots by the way, different from the others..

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    Nice info.

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