Copenhagen Fashion Week: Peter Jensen for Weekday

Peter Jensen presented his upcoming collection for Weekday yesterday morning at Copenhagen Fashion Week. As Jensen states in the press release, “one of my main reference points for the collection was a photo of me as a small child with my grandmother. I wanted the collection to embrace this 70’s Scandinavian atmosphere while still feeling contemporary and clean, so to obtain this I chose a very classic palette.”

Although the colour palette is subdued, there are still elements of humour in the pieces that characterize Jensen’s work, in particular a t-shirt adorned with tassels, which Jensen says was inspired by the tablecloth in the photo of him and his grandmother. The collection will be available from March in Weekday shops, so if there isn’t a Weekday store around you, I suggest you book your tickets now.

Juliane from Reigen and I had a chance to interview Peter during the press brunch, where we asked him about his design process and his thoughts on his place in British and Scandinavian fashion.