London: At Somerset House

Arriving in London, the first present I got was a light flu. Feeling drowsy all day is not the ideal condition to take pictures on the street, and inbetween all the London excitement her demure all-grey outfit and the natural look of her hair and make-up were a welcome relief to my achy head.


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  1. Té la mà Maria - Reus on


    very good blog, congratulationsregard from Reus Cataloniathank you

  2. SabinePsynopsis on


    This is a beautiful classical outfit and a nice alternative to the ubiquitous black. With weather like that it’s easy to get ill. Hope you get better soon!

  3. Donna Marie on


    stylish & simple. it’s great!

  4. Vinda Sonata on


    shades of gray! she’s such a classic beauty with classic beautiful outfit!

  5. jimena on


    wow must be the first that i don’t love at all. the visual intersection between the jumper and the trousers looks very odd to me, makes her look like a barrel (although she seems skinnier than that) and the shortness of them doesn’t help either. maybe a longer cut… or booties. but the trousers cut is not that flattering. i wouldn’t wear two loose garments on the top with those’s just me anyway :)

  6. mychameleon on


    the dove grey is so gorgeous. The trousers need to be a fraction longer – they seem just a little too cropped and think the shoulders of the jacket are slightly too big. But overall look is polished.

  7. Meg on


    I do love the color, however, something is amiss and does not compliment her well, the trouser bottoms look great, as do shoes…as you get closer to neck/face there seems something is out of proportion with the whole of the look. But the color is dyn-A-mite.

  8. coco on


    ihr outfit ist einfach zauberhaft! schlicht und dennoch ein absoluter hingucker! sehr schön.

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