Neue Schönhauser Straße: Martina

Inwear coat,
Björn Borg shoes,
H&M scarf,
Vintage hat
Pink Opium bag

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Scandinavian geography (which I suppose is most people), Martina is from Kalmar, a small town tucked away in the southeast corner of Sweden. I ended up in Kalmar several times when I was living in Sweden a few years ago, and was always surprised at how comparatively big the cultural scene was in the town. Culture, and in particular fashion, seems to be on some level a part of the dialogue all over Sweden, much moreso than in larger cities I’ve visited in other places around Europe and North America. It always piques my interest in exploring these small towns when I meet people like Martina. Maybe a tour of Sweden is in order for the summer.


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    Her eyes are so deep, she is flawless…

  2. Malin on


    Interesting. That Kalmar has big Cultural scene was new to me. Maybe we just did not have much else to do then being creative when we grew up. Kalmar is, as you say; hidden. But it is for sure nice to hear such sweet words about my,Malin

  3. ChelseaDavy on


    Love the Björn Borg shoes.

  4. catherine on


    Woah, lovely outfit.

  5. Cecylia on


    I love her bag!

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