At home: Nina Egli

Though I usually refrain from characterising people by their nationality, I have to say Swiss people are, even to me, a distant by heart German, very reserved people, who usually do not invite you home before knowing you some time. But not Nina. I got her contact from Pascal and she instantly agreed on inviting me into her home. Without having met me before, she welcomed me with a big smile, wearing a bright yellow silk dress she got at a Zürich fleamarket for 5 Franken (about 4 Euros — she will show me this secret gem in summer). Nina spends one half of her life in Zürich, where she lives almost in the middle of a forest in the south of the city, and the other half in New York working on her jewelry and clothing line Toujours Toi and Family Affairs.


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  1. SabinePsynopsis on


    Your portrayed Swiss homes look very organised and beautiful (the inhabitants, too, beautiful I mean; no idea about organised).

  2. Cheek on


    These indoor portraits remind me of portraits from the turn of the century. She creates such beautiful pieces.

  3. ♥Lola on


    Her home looks gorgeous and I love her dress :)

  4. Hugo Hase on


    Her hair and the dress look great – and the pose fits so great for that!

  5. Cecylia on


    Wow, gorgeous!

  6. Laura on


    Very beautiful!

  7. denparser on


    Nice dress. She looks so gorgeous with it.

  8. semi formal dresses on


    Beautiful, soft and very flattering on her skintone.

  9. Army bases on


    Looks like very nice vintage style apartment

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