At the studio: Njide Ugboma

This is Njide Ugboma, editor in chief of the British Let Them Eat Cake magazine. When I asked Njide for a picture for the At Home series, she told me the place she feels most at home is at her office in Dalston. It is located in an old industrial building just off Kingsland Road and I went there on a rainy morning during London Fashion Week. I guess it is not unusual for London people to feel most at home in their business surrounding, since they might spend the most of their time there. For Berliners, though, in their relaxed state of mind and “2 days of work a week is enough” attitude, this comes as a slight surprise. Maybe this is the reason Berlin lacks the splendid choice of fashion magazines you will find at a usual London newsstand.

As a sidenote: I got lost searching for the office and decided to enter any building, asking for the way. Lucky me, I went straight into the studio of Gareth Pugh, where the fitting and hair and make-up tests where going on. HE was not there, though.


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  1. Patricia on


    She looks so elegant. Love these shoes.

  2. spoozyliciouzz on


    And this attitude towards work is why Berlin is one of the cities with the highest unemployment rates and the treasurer´s bin is empty all the time. Can´t see no point in that attitude.

  3. dario on


    unemployed, happy, and happily unemployed

  4. linda on


    very fantastic shoes! and georgeus photo!

  5. Anonymous on


    und die ehem. nokia-mitarbeiter aus bochum sind jetzt auch arbeitslos wegen ihrer “attitude”…hach so einfach ist die welt

  6. Mary on


    genau das wollte ich damit sagen.

  7. gih on


    She’s got the look. I like her when she smiles.

  8. Anonymous on


    @poozyliciouzz: du kannst nicht keinen (geile verneinung) point in der berliner attitude sehen? oh noes!bleib doch einfach in hessen, wo die attitude dank roland koch noch in ordnung ist, ok? die styleblogs aus der großen weiten welt (berlin) kannst du dir ja trotzdem (sehnsüchtig?) anschauen, wie man sieht. in berlin lebt eh nur linkes parasitenpack, das man für dumpinglöhne in lagern schaffen lassen sollte. gell?

  9. doraetlabora on


    Schoener Post! Let Them Eat Cake zaehlt zu meinen Lieblingsmagazinen, gerade weil es nicht nur um Mode als Vermarktung geht, sondern sich da jemand ernsthaft kritische Gedanken macht (wow!) und die Branche gehaltvoll aufs Korn nimmt. Waehrend die meisten Londoner leider mit ihrem Job versklavt sind, wuerde ihnen eine Portion ‘Laisser-faire-Attituede’ nicht schaden.

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