At home: Pascal Grob

I spent the last week in Zurich and met Pascal (21), who lives and blogs in a beautiful house with a metal Corbuiser chair and spotlights in the garden. Honestly, I expected a massive collection of clothing since he is blogging about his personal style (in very fine photography – he has an almost scary talent for self portraits). But instead of piling up stuff and hoarding loads of clothes, he is a very thoughtful buyer, considering new clothing several days before purchase and only owns things he loves. For this At Home picture we arranged a choice of his most favorite stuff on the bed.


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  1. Anonymous on


    I love his blog, it’s amazing. <3

  2. SabinePsynopsis on


    With fashion bloggers it sometimes looks like they have masses of clothes, but that’s not necessarily true. I actually only have a pretty small wardrobe (but a few suitcases of ‘old’ stuff that comes in handy because I hate throwing things away).

  3. T. on


    …a wonderful, stylish (and so young!) individual – what is there not to like? :)

  4. Sitri Crimes on


    He REALLY is talented with self portraits

  5. DON'T SWEAT IT on


    The fact that he owns few items of clothing makes him very relatable. When fashion bloggers tend to ‘brag’ about how massive their wardrobes are, I instantly feel out of touch with them as I myself can only afford to have a small selection of clothing. On top of that, Pascal looks like such a warm individual.

  6. Anonymous on


    what a baaaaaaaaabe

  7. ANNA on



  8. TheFashionAve on


    i like his attitude about purchasing new stuff.
    i’m like the same. :)
    thanks for posting an article about this gorgeous boy!

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