Paris: Aymeric Bergada Du Cadet

Aymeric, 25, Stylist

Wearing all vintage, except for Vivienne Westwood shorts.

I saw Aymeric (I’m still not sure if that’s his real name) standing outside of the Bernhard Wilhelm presentation, dressed as if he had come straight from the renaissance, with a little more theatricality added in for effect. It reminds me a lot of last year’s photo of Igor.


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  1. linda on


    very beautiful and particular photo!!I like it ;)

  2. paul on


    wow, now that left me speechless!

  3. belleme on


    Fantastic cape!

  4. TheFashionAve on


    Very extravagant and historical.Reminds me of Shakespeare :P

  5. SabinePsynopsis on


    With legs like this you don’t have to worry about horizontal stripes.

  6. Anonymous on


    Wow, 19th century scientist meets androgynous Count Dracula. And it doesn’t even feel like dressing up. With monochromatic tights and no fur on the shoes this could also pass as an everyday outfit (depending on how daring you are). One of the best looks on here in a while. I absolutely love this. Kudos, you two!

  7. Anonymous on


    Nosferatu. :) I love the shoes!

  8. Hugo Hase on


    No, it does not feel like dressing up at all – cause cloaks are such normal garments you could wear everyday, especially with stripy thights and such shoes… (fur or no fur)I’m very daring, but this could not be worn anywere without being gawked at – and not in an appreciative way… well maybe in Shibuya or Harajuku, Tokio.

  9. Anonymous on


    This look is just rediculous!colour and composition doesn’t match

  10. Eyeliah on


    he is incredible!

  11. Anonymous on


    In the context of the Bernhard Wilhelm, or Fashion Week, a fashion blog or an editorial, this look is indeed spectacular and dramatic. But in the context of everyday wear, as what Aymeric is doing I believe, this look is ridiculous. Utterly.

  12. Anonymous on


    He’s so special, but I love it! It’s nice when people have the courage to do something like him.Intern at

  13. Enrique on


    I guess subtlety is not Aymeric’s forté! You have to hand it to someone with balls to play with such prints and accessories.

  14. gih on


    Hmmm, I wonder what he really is… But in fairness he got the best fashion.

  15. Anonymous on


    god save the reine

  16. Anonymous on



  17. Anonymous on


    that’s me!!!Yes it s my real name!!!and sorry for those who don’t believe in drama and selfexpression but it s my everyday wear!!!thanks for those comments!!

  18. Anonymous on



  19. Anonymous on


    i think the hair and the face make the look more than other things on that body.

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