Paris: Pablo

Every time I’m at Fashion Week, the best looks are always from those who have come to the shows just to experience the environment, hoping to get in without an invitation. Pablo was dressed all in vintage, but he stood out more than anyone amongst the high-end designs being worn by the editors and buyers standing outside the shows.


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  1. juli on


    hmm, in bezug auf den pelzbehang enthalte mich lieber..
    aber das foto ist einfach wundervoll, wie gemalt! gerade der ausdruck in den augen..

  2. linda on


    OH! Very beautiful style!

  3. TheFashionAve on


    This poor animal, but it looks so dreamy and soft.
    I like it.

  4. DON'T SWEAT IT on


    Urgh, I can’t get over that animal (real or fake) hanging around his neck. Just ruins it for me.

  5. Anonymous on


    Surely you could have shown ‘Pablo’s’ outfit in its entirety?!…..Its criminal you have only chosen to show a dissected-abridged version of what appears to be an amazing outfit!

    You are such a tease, you know that don’t you?!

    London, England.

  6. Tiffany on


    Not a fan of the scarf.

  7. Autour de toi on


    Love the photo.

    The belgium people are something special, they have a style natural and lovely.

  8. Anonymous on


    ah this is perfect!

  9. Anonymous on


    Not charming with that animal.TOO MEDIEVAL!!!!

  10. Lewis Spelt Backwards on


    This outfit is AMAZING! He looks hot, and the fur cardigan (which I also have HOW STRANGE in white and purple) couldn’t look any better! A million gold stars

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