Paris: Andy

Zara jacket,
River Island skirt,
Miu Miu sunglasses

It’s chaos at Paris Fashion Week, more so than I remember there being one year ago, and definitely more so than in Milan. At the Balmain show I attended yesterday, I’m quite sure there were nearly as many photographers outside as there were people attending inside! Mary and I always try to keep a clean background when we take our photos, which is nearly impossible with the mass of photographers competing for shots of the same people, but I’ll try my best!


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  1. it-girl on


    I love it.

  2. Dan on


    Great capture, model and outfit.

  3. ANDY on


    I love the pic!!!! Thanks Dario!!!!
    and will probably see you tomorrow :)


  4. SabinePsynopsis on


    You’ve done well. Her stripes shows nicely on the grey background. Not an easy outfit to wear…

  5. linda on


    very fantastic sunglasses!!!!!!

  6. beril öke gülen on


    ı like stripes, they always make you look stylish..

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