Berlin Again: Theresa

Back in Berlin!

Paris and Milan were great as always, but in terms of my time taking photos, it all felt like a bit too much with so many photographers outside the shows. One photographer (or more) each from Vogue/GQ/Glamour/Grazia USA/UK/France/Germany/Japan, Refinery29, Stylesight, street-style bloggers from everywhere you can imagine, trend forecasters, etc. etc. You can imagine it gets very crowded very quickly, and there’s something unsatisfying for me in taking a photo that 30 others are taking at the same moment.

Gunnar from Styleclicker summed it up with a great photo in a post here. There were great looks to be seen at the Fashion Weeks, but in the next months I plan on going back to exploring the day-to-day in Berlin. And besides, there’s no better place in the world to be in the summertime than in Berlin.


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  1. Nude&Nerd on


    this girl looks awesome, so cool.Nora

  2. Vinda Sonata on


    she looks great. seems like a very cool woman. awesome coat! i thought it was a designer one until i read the caption!fashion atelier.

  3. SpiegelEule on


    very well said. and the first picture back in berlin proofs that there are so many beautiful people here as well!

  4. Prince C on


    I love the coat, it is really nice :)

  5. Anonymous on


    der mantel ist hübsch. aber trotzdem, so ein besonderes teil kauft man doch nicht bei einem billigdiscounter wie zara. dann haben 200.000 personen dasselbe ach so besondere teil – super.

  6. Jenny on


    Un délice ce manteau!

  7. Hugo Hase on


    A really great outfit!

  8. linda on


    very fantastic!!

  9. gorgeousclara on


    the pic is awesome…and I´m planning to go to berlin this summer…really looking forward to it…

  10. nteph on


    i like the girl, she is stunning but i am afraid that there’s gonna be no summer this year in berlin. it has snowed, AGAIN!

  11. Anonymous on


    i am in love with the minimalist and modern look of the girl…and then she throws this braid in her hair! so pretty….does anyone know if the jacket is still available at zara? zara in the states…:)

  12. Anonymous on


    @anonymous 2: no the jacket was last season here in europe

  13. Yve on


    Love the coat and the whole girl! Amazing picture!

  14. Linda Love on


    maybe one reason that there is no better place than Berlin is that you have “kostenlose paarberatung” up there ;-)

  15. catherine on


    loveeeeely coat.

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