For Urban Outfitters

A few months ago I did a shoot for Urban Outfitters‘ new spring collection. The concept was to take five stylish people and have them mix and match their own wardrobe with Urban Outfitters, much the same as we did for the Filippa K Get Shot! event this past spring, only with a bit more time than a single afternoon. I really love doing these kinds of projects, and I think it’s becoming clear to many large labels that traditional advertising is becoming less effective. You can see the whole set here, and I’ll begin to post one look from each of the models in the next days.



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  1. gorgeousclara on


    so happy with these new campaigns…but I would be even happier if we had an urban outfitters in spain..hahahagreat pics!!!

  2. Anonymous on


    you did a great job using the light to show her beauty

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