Archive: April 2010

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At Home: Lisa Van Houtem

Lisa is a true lover of her hometown Hamburg, but for some years now works in Berlin. Still she prefers to stay in the city by the harbour. You might think, that if someone only spends his workingdays in a city, the apartment might look like that – a conglomerate of random furniture highlighted by the huge suitcase in the middle of the room. Not so with Lisa, her small one bedroom apartment is furnished with a fine sense for details. She did not opt for IKEA and their plastic chairs, but to collect some gems from flea markets all around Berlin.

Of course, as you already noted, she dresses herself as equally subtle and beautiful – making her into one of the best dressed young women in Berlin I know. She always looks very elegant in impeccable compositions, whose details refer to the 1920ies. Other details of Lisa you might not expect: she loves Techno (the real thing), fast cars and St. Pauli, ok, the latter is kind of obligatory. Read her blog here.

Berlino-Milano: Kinky White Horse at Plastic

Last week was Berlin’s turn to take over Milan’s Plastic Club. Each month, Andrea and Chris, the creators behind the new monthly party 747 ✈ PLASTIC, invite DJs and musicians from around the world to perform. A new month, a new city. I was invited to cover Berlin edition featuring Kinky White Horse, following previous parties with London’s Richard Mortimer of Boombox/Ponystep, and New York’s The Misshapes. Kinky White Horse’s costume designer Josa Marx accompanied the band, exhibiting his dark and fantastical creations as part of the performance.

Stil in Berlin map banner