At home: Katharina Schüttler

The actress Katharina Schüttler in her garden in Prenzlauer Berg – more portraits of Berlin based theater makers on the Theatertreffen Blog.


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  1. Mads on


    I love the fact that the garden looks so untouched and wild. It’s great. I would’ve liked to see that kind of P B, when I lived there… Alot of it seemed so rich and polished. The picture is amazing nonetheless.

  2. Mia on


    It’s very beautiful!Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Marcel on


    Yeah I love wild gardens, so much more to experience in there.

  4. nyhet on


    Looks like a nice place to be…

  5. Horst on


    Ich liebe den Garten und freue mich schon aufs nächste Grillen.

  6. Bradley G. Barnett on


    Great in the promise. Great promise and I certainly would like to see her more on television and in movies.

    I somehow feel that ‘part’ of The Promise,the relationship could have made for a better movie.

    Best of luck! Brad

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