At home: Alexander Heslop

Alexander is living in Neubau, Vienna. His endless love for delicious pastry at a classic Kaffeehaus, his profound knowledge of traditional outfitters and his unbeatable intelligent sarcasm make him one of my dearest guides through this wonderful yet depressing old city.


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  1. adele on


    I love seeing people in their natural habitats!

  2. Forest City Fashionista on


    Intelligent sarcasm and oversized geek classes–my favourite things in men!

  3. Ryne on


    What about it makes you say depressing?Thanks for the blog.-ryan

  4. Mary on


    This is pretty hard to describe since it’s a very subjective feeling – In my perception the city is turned towards its past, conserving and protecting its condition from the times of the K.u.K., the court of the Habsburger, the goold old days, the golden times etc… pp. I guess it’s the dominant presence of post-war re-constructed architecture. The inner city of Vienna is basically buildings from the age of historicism and ecleticism and is heavily frequented by tourists searching for the old Vienna. What makes it beautiful is yet again exactly this – the old Viennese Kaffeehäuser with the waiters wearing bow ties (though this might be very Berlin-esk, it is almost impossible to find professional waiters here), the original wood panelled men’s outfitters…

  5. blica on


    aber aber aber: es hat sich einiges getan. wenn ich -mal abgesehen von eigenen beobachtungen und dem erstebezirksphänomen- den berichten glauben schenken darf,die einen größeren zeitraum überblicken, hat sich in den letzten jahren doch einiges zum positiven hin verändert.

  6. Mary on


    ja natürlich – ich wäre ja auch nicht so oft da, wenn ich das gefühl hätte wien drehe sich um den heldenplatz

  7. gih on


    That’s a prefect place or room to rest. very clean.

  8. Ryne on


    Thanks for your insight Mary. I have never been. I am dying to however and was just curious for your opinion.Thanks again.-ryan

  9. Mona on


    I live in Vienna and sometimes it IS depressing!Not always though…especially in summer ;)

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