Milano: Theo

Self-made t-shirt and headscarf,
Vivienne Westwood trousers


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  1. Cecylia on


    Cooool pants!!!!

  2. Emily on


    very cool outfit! I wish people would dress like that in the United States.. mens clothes needs a little sauciness to it!

  3. gih on


    Wow! haha, that’s a cool outfit, I think he’s a gay too.. :-)

  4. Precilla on


    Indeed, like the pants! their so outspoken.

  5. Charlotte on


    I looked at his and thought he’d walked off the vivienne westwood catwalk.LOVE the trousers! I want them!!Charlotte xxThe Style Rail

  6. Lorena on


    Love the pants, I wish I could get a closer look at the to see if it’s just smeared, splattered color or something more. Either way is great.

  7. Malicious Mallory on


    Interesting.. I like the headscarf and sandals

  8. dining table on


    The style was very unique. I love that pants, the colors are so cute. It really fits with that top. Looking forward for more fashionable blog.

  9. Anonymous on


    His style seems so unique that he had a problem making it through school! Seriously there is no style unless you are all so stupid to believe that it is original in any way… Please lets have a bit of context, you can see he is a victim of big corporations… Diesel, Levis etc… they styled the 90′ 00′ so good we are only left with looking like idiots… ohhh no there is always American Apparel… right!? What a contradiction a hippie corporation! Good luck and good night!

  10. Anonymous on


    Wow! Check out those pants! I’d wear a pair of those any day. Think it’s good these styles are in high fashion and skinny jeans for men in high street fashion.

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