At home: Michael Sontag

This is one of Berlin’s most talented young designers sitting at his Saturday morning breakfast table in Kreuzberg. Michael Sontag is showing his new collection on Friday at the “Start Your Fashion Business” Show where he competes with four other designers, among them our other favourites, Vladimir Karaleev, Perret Schaad and Sadak, for three prizes, organized by the city of Berlin.


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  1. Lisa on


    cool furniture!

  2. Charlotte on


    Tomorrow I’ll go to Berlin! I hope I’ll see a lot of vogue in the streets.Nice blog, I follow you.xx.

  3. Anonymous on


    schöne beine!

  4. Anastasia and Duck on


    Wish I would wake up to breakfast next to him…xxDuck

  5. dvestv on


    That’s a perfect and nice home to live. I love so much the clean home, and its surroundings.

  6. ali on


    I love the funiture!

  7. Jax Sol on


    I’ll eat breakfast with him anytime.

  8. Im Mary on


    this is great. I would like to see more from his apartment.

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