At the studio: Cooperative Designs

Taking “At Home” portraits in London is considerably different than in Berlin and doing it with a 35mm lense is even more risky. London’s houses, apartments and studios are in no way comparable to the wide and bright spaces you find in Berlin.
This is the team of Cooperative Designs squeezed in between their knitting machines. Dorothee Hagemann and Annalisa Dunn are well known for their colorful and bold yet elegant knitwear, that is also available in their online shop.


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  1. Anastasia and Duck on


    I have fabulous black plastic and wood coop designs ring which I looooove. Some of the knitwear verges on unwearable though… XxxDuck

  2. A. on


    I love the jewellery on the woman in the blue dress!

  3. dining tables on


    Their team looks very intact. I am sure that they are doing their job so well. I wish I am one of the members of their cooperative designers. I love fashion that is why I belong to their team.

  4. Chirawat on


    Es ist super!

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