On the Street: Shaun Ross


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  1. Mariel on


    stunning! wow!

  2. Anonymous on


    Why so serious?

  3. beril öke gülen on


    he has a very weird nose.. but it gives him a different style..

  4. Ryne on


    He is pretty awesome.

  5. Anonymous on


    @beril öke gülenHe has an African-American nose. There is nothing weird about that, racist!

  6. Anonymous on


    he is a model for Atelier New york!His nose is so special, i like it!!!

  7. Anonymous on


    Wow! Obviously you don’t have to be good-looking to be a male model. What a relief. Maybe I’ll sign up.

  8. Kulaberie on


    he is the famous albino male model

  9. Anonymous on


    can’t an african-american nose be weird? they aren’t all the same (that suggests some ignorance of your part!) there is nothing racist about that!

  10. Kathrin on


    And i told him he would be a star in Germany!!! :)

  11. Anonymous on


    “can’t an african-american nose be weird?”Perhaps it would be if he wasn’t an african american. :) He’s also an albino. I read an article about him recently. Sadly, his career isn’t taking off as well as one would assume. I don’t understand why that is, with his unique, exotic features. Let’s all wish him the best of luck.

  12. Anonymous on


    Maybe you should think about appreciating the image and the model for what they are, they won’t change and throwing terms like “racist” around so liberally is an escape from actually having an informed discussion.People are beautiful because of their differences and asymmetry, otherwise it would be the same old boring shit that already exists all over the media.

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