Münzstraße: Mark

The jacket is from a new Japanese label called Unplugged, but I can’t find any more information online. If anyone can find their website for me, I’ll buy them a coke.


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  1. Anonymous on


    Hi Dario,I believe I have this jacket in grey marl- I brought mine through ebay from a Korean seller. They do great mens wear with a avant garde type edge. Try searching for Virgin BlakEvan

  2. Forest City Fashionista on


    I love the double layering effect on this jacket–still looks clean and professional but with great individual style.

  3. Clara on


    I googled in Japanese – there’s a “boutique” in Kumamoto which is way out in the sticks and people are only blogging about it, it doesn’t seem to have it’s own website – and their staff hardly looks like this one…if you want to try googling Japanese, try アンプラグド

  4. Nadine2point0 on


    Very Eastern looking cut – I really like it!

  5. Anonymous on


    You can buy it in Korea in the shopping area of Dongdaemun for about 60-80 Korean won.

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