Rosenthaler Straße: Felix

The jacket is vintage Burberry, which he had customized.


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  1. Anonymous on


    mir auch, aber was hatta denn customized?

  2. Harry on


    Interessant, Damenmantel bei nem Kerl? Ist das jetzt DER neue Style?
    (Man beachte bitte die Knöpfung!) Vielleicht wurde der Mantel gekürzt – gilt das schon als “customized”?

  3. Like Porcelain on


    As a law student, septum pierced untill a little while ago (seriously thinking about getting it redone at the moment), I’d wish I had such interesting fellow students walking around at my law department

  4. enrique on


    Tailored and made-to-fit are two of the most important guides in style. Most definitely.

  5. fashion jewellery on


    I love vintage Burberry. This is a really nice jacket, subtle but very stylish

  6. ANNA on


    dafür dass vintage siehts ganz schön geleckt aus – find ich nicht sehr stark den look…

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