Reykjavík: María

I won’t be in Berlin for the rest of the year, but you can look forward to plenty of photos from Reykjavík, New York, Montreal, Toronto, and wherever else I end up in my time away. In the meantime, Mary will be continuing the At Home series in Berlin, as well as some new features for the blog. But more on that bit later!

p.s.: I wasn’t sure if I should tag these posts as summer or winter, but it never really gets to Berlin summer temperatures here, so fur in August doesn’t seem so out of place in Iceland.


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  1. Little Lost Treasures on


    I adore the fur jacket! and the grey – pale blue – orange combination is fabulous

  2. Hannah on


    So it really is ‘ice’ land…Unlike greenland, with it’s crazy opposite name.I enjoy the At Home series :)

  3. tabs on


    hope, it’s fake fur!

  4. Anonymous on


    Hi nice blog! CCC.

  5. Nheel on


    Great…her outfit it’s after my fancy :)I’ve got a similar leather backpack

  6. mr. michael ? on


    i love this look.especially the backpack.i hope one day i’ll find one like this one.

  7. SpotlessMind on


    she looks like romy schneider… :)

  8. Anonymous on


    the fur is gorgeous!!

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