At home: Jessica Manthey

They say one of Berlin’s advantages is its cheap rents and abundance of free space. While this might be true for Lichtenberg, Reinickendorf, Niederschönhausen and other areas at the periphery, it is certainly not easy finding the perfect place at an appropriate price in popular areas like Kreuzberg or Mitte. On top of that, it might even be called impossible to find a house on the free market in the neighbourhoods around Paul-Lincke-Ufer or Auguststraße – most of the places are passed between friends and colleagues, and you must be lucky enough to be in the place at the right time. Jessica was fortunate when she found this beautiful and spacious apartment at Lausitzer Platz in the middle of Kreuzberg (through a hint of a colleague) and finally got it after five months of negotiating. She has been following a distinct style inspired by the 1960s for years, compiling a marvelous collection of furniture and accessories at flea markets and auctions, which fit perfectly with the style of the apartment.


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  1. sev_ on


    a very berliner style!

  2. Anonymous on


    I love the furniture!

  3. Achim B. on


    Paul Lincke mit ck!

  4. Hannah on


    Love insanely! The wood floors and furniture are gorgeous!These homes are always so light and fresh

  5. Mary on


    @achim, danke, haben wir sofort geändert

  6. Esra on


    I liked her smile

  7. escalante blogger on


    I love her house, so clean and well-arranged.

  8. »Lia on


    Ich will diesen Stuhl!

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