New York: Igor Dewe

I met Igor 2 years ago in Paris, and now, back in New York, I’ve bumped into him 4 times in 4 days in various places across the city, which we’re both certain must mean something. The most recent run-in happened as I stepped off the subway in Brooklyn, finding him dancing alongside the band Crooks & Perverts. If you happen to see Igor dancing, please put some money in his hat.


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  1. Ryne on


    aww, that’s awesome. I love it;

  2. elnz on


    Nice outfit!!! but I just can’t explain with your heels… what was going on???

  3. Anonymous on


    he’s too good looking to be dancing in a subway!

  4. ttv on


    My shoes are like that, but what the hell! he added a high heels to that tennis. how nice!

  5. JBL on


    truly amazing

  6. Anonymous on


    dislike: outfit and dance

  7. Victoria on


    Carefree people like him make the world a happier place :)

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