Stil in Toronto: Storm


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  1. naulls on


    How long are you in Toronto? Would love to meet up!If you are up for the H & M x Lanvin preview on Wednesday, let me know! I could forward the RSVP info to you!- Kevin

  2. ttv on


    This Asian girl looks so cute. I like her photo.

  3. Anonymous on


    Whatever happened to Stil IN Berlin? I miss it! Is there no one stylish left in Berlin itself? Perhaps you can direct those interested in Berlin’s style to another site about style IN Berlin.

  4. dario on


    One of us (Mary) is in Berlin, and I’m in Toronto until the middle of December. So you’ll have to wait until then for more Berlin street photos!

  5. Fashion Circus on


    Cute girl with cute fashion. Thumbs up!

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