Recap: Stil in 2010

It’s almost 2011, so we thought we’d reflect on the past year and let you know what’s up for the next. A short re-cap of the best of Stil in Berlin, 2010 (which was actually Stil in Berlin and 12 other cities throughout the course of the year).

Up North – Stockholm, Copenhagen, Reykjavik:

New York City:


At Home:

Our new interview series:

& more fashion weeks than we can remember:

As for next year, we’re looking forward to our 5th(!) birthday, and a bit of a change in programming. We’ll still be continuing with our street photography, but to a lesser degree than in the past years. We want to bring the focus back to Berlin again after our year of traveling, and at the same time move towards a broader definition of what Berlin style really means, instead of simply presenting what we wear on the streets. Our goal is for Stil in Berlin to become a text- and photo-document of contemporary life in this city. We’ve brought on new members to the team in the past months to prepare for the growing process, which means that you’ll be seeing more interviews, portraits, and other projects depicting Berlin through the lenses of our cameras (with the occasional jaunt outside of the city). We’re very happy for the support we’ve had in helping our project grow these past five years, and are excited about what’s to come in the next five.

Guten Rutsch and see you next year!


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  1. dolceedamara on


    Absolutely great! Happy new year!

  2. R. on


    phenomenal photographs.!I love stil in berlin!!

  3. emma lou on


    Have a good 2011!

  4. Brittany on


    These are definitely some of my favorite posts this year — great work, Mary and Dario!

  5. Amalina Elizabeth on


    I wish you luck and am so excited to see the new format! I hope that it encompasses what drew me to this blog (on-the-ground shots) and glimpses into the lives of those who help to make Berlin the best city on earth.

  6. WolfandDeer on


    Great blog! I am def. following this.

  7. Amethyst on


    good impressions <3

  8. Marie BM on


    The new concept sounds very interesting. I’m really looking forward to it!I wish you a great 2011 :)

  9. Fedulab on


    I hope you a Happy New Yearfor this beautiful fashion Blog^__^

  10. blica on


    na, dann seien wir gespannt wie es weitergeht mit “stil in berlin” – auf ein gutes 2011!

  11. kathrin on


    happy new year, xoKathrin

  12. Camille on


    Without dudes the most importante thing of the people in the pictures is their actitude, because only with it is that the clothes look so great and chic!The best wishes from Buenos Aires

  13. Sarah-Julia on


    Can’t wait to see more about Berlin. I love this city and I love this blog!*

  14. Doortje on


    the last berlin pic is so damn cool!

  15. Julia on


    Super nice pics!!

  16. Sylvie on


    These are really inspiring pictures. The perspective of the photographers is amazing and the styles exceptional but wearable – I LIKE! looking forward to the 2011 styles of Berlin!!!CheersSylviefrom MYCITYSECRET Blog

  17. Celia on


    Actually, I think your idea is great!I would just love, if you would also write about and show people, who are not “hip”, living in an “in” part of Berlin or something like that. Maybe you could start portraying more “real” people, who have great style and are working in interesting projects, too.Sorry, if this sounds harsh, but I am sick of this whole “Berlin is so cool and hip and sexy thing”. I still like your blog. It’s just a guess of a not “hip”, not living in an “in” part living girl.

  18. Mimi on


    Love it! And I am looking forward to see more from the Style of Berlin!!!!

  19. m.corbett on


    that man. so suave. he got SWAGGAHHH x x x

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