New York: Alison


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  1. C on


    Sweet and Tough. Very cool look!

  2. Elena Vasilieva on


    brilliant mix of fur and leather

  3. Laura on


    Love it! Great mix of different materials!

  4. Anonymous on


    would be a great look if the dress weren’t that exact shade of peach.

  5. T. on


    Anyone knows whose dress that is on her? It looks like something Hartmann Nordenholz would do, but I might be wrong…In any case, I am loving everything but the hair shade :)

  6. Lorena on


    I like the color palette, black and nude shades almost always look great together.

  7. ttv on


    That’s a stunning look. She is so pretty with that pose.

  8. Hugo Hase on


    The look is really pretty – just like her! But could someone please tell her it doesn’t hurt to put just a little colored make-up in your face? The blond hair, the light colored fur – it just makes her so pale.And besides I know it’s lame complaining about the lack of Berlin streetstyles here. But come on – there was one actual streetstyle from Berlin postet in the last three months. Better change your blog’s name to stilinderwelt… Or get someone other than Dario to take pictures here. The lack of interesting styles shouldn’t be the problem!

  9. Mary on


    Dario will be back in two weeks, and there is noone better to take streetstyle pictures. exclamation mark.

  10. Mary on


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