New York: Maria

Maria is a ballet dancer from Oslo.


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  1. Lulu on


    Ihr Mantel sieht auf den ersten Blick sehr klassisch aus, aber der Schnitt reisst’s raus…Und das Kleid ist auch toll (vorallendingen in Kombi mit dem Mantel)

  2. Elena Vasilieva on


    cute coat

  3. Jana and Vanessa on


    Es ist schön einen Balletttänzerin hier zu sehen.

  4. pdh3 on


    ohhh that coat – gorgeous! does anyone know where it’s from?

  5. kiki on


    wunderschöner mantel! i löve!

  6. Hugo Hase on


    I think it’s a bit odd. And usually i LIKE odd things. But if you take away the coat it would look rather lame and the coat itself isn’t a great piece either. And the shoes just look to Bergsteiger-ish to me…

  7. Gudrun and Iris on


    i like the coat! not keen on the shoes but amazing ballet-dancer “wadeln” (calves for our english friends but had to use the austrian/bavarian word as i just read hugo hase’s bergsteiger comment and had to smile and think of hugo von goisern ;)) cute polka dot blouse too but i would have preferred it if she had worn it all with red lipstick. just

  8. saradowle on


    Cute tea dress and the coat adds some masculinity! Great!

  9. Jessie on


    Such a strong photo, she has beautiful eyes!

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