At Home: Nicky Broekhuysen

This is Nicky Broekhuysen in her studio, which also doubles as her bedroom. Nicky was born in South Africa, later moved to New Zealand, and end up in Berlin two years ago via a two year stint in Shanghai, where she first began to experiment with the stamping process you see in the two works behind her. The pieces, which can take up to two months to make, are all meticulously hand-stamped in the binary numbers 1 and 0, creating images which are disorganized and chaotic in detail, but cohesive when viewed in greater distance. Nicky’s studio was comparatively empty to what it had been before, as most of her pieces are being prepared to be exhibited in the following weeks. Next week she’ll be showing some of her pieces at VOLTA NY, the invitational solo off-shoot of The Armory Show, and following that an exhibition entitled “Between States, Into Light,” opening here in Berlin on March 11 at Pool Gallery.


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  1. the line sheet on


    I love this! What great profiles.

  2. itsMe on


    very nice! at first glance they looked like corns of rice to me :) took me a second + the lecture of the article to understand the pics ;)thumps up!itsme, the Hrlqin

  3. escalante blogger on


    She’s just simple, but yet she’s pretty.

  4. Snappy on


    Wow, I love how art can be seen everywhere. Even in numbers. snappy

  5. Denise Vanessa on


    Yes, I myself also admire her work. That’s nice.

  6. Christine on


    Ooh, love her work. Will have to check out her show. Thanks!

  7. JASON on


    amazing blog!!

  8. Suzanne on


    her art is amazing!

  9. juli_city3 on


    ich habe dich auf youtube gesehn :DD

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