Five Years of Stil in Berlin: Lynn&Horst

2006 Schluffi Stil
2007 Bettdecken Stil
2008 Schweden Stil
2009 Hipster Stil
2010 Transgender Hippie Stil

In 2006, the essence of Berlin fashion is summarised by Schluffi Stil. A way of dressing right out of the dusty trunk up the attic. A way to demonstrate: I care so much about fashion to not care at all. It was consequently followed by Bettdecken Stil in 2007. When the trend of cocooning and the human need to stay in bed all day reached its climax.

In 2008, the search for coziness did not cease as Schweden Stil emerged. The notion of cinnemon rolls and tea reflected in the choice of colours and fabrics – most obviously due to a Swedish Mitte invasion. As a corollary, these tendencies concluded in Hipster Stil in 2009. The trendy replaces the careless. Berlin abandons the ‘funny nylon vintage’ and seeks individualism through copying of global trends.

But luckily, this has only been a short-term identiy crisis. In 2010, Transgender Hippie Stil hits the streets and the city seems to be perfect and rightfully Berlin-ish again.

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  1. Beatrice B. on


    I love the Swedish Style…never came out of fashion for me…always right in cold times when coziness is highly required!Congrats and cheers,

  2. Anonymous on


    Or should we talk about finnish invasion since at least 2 of the girls on the pictures represent here are from Finland :)

  3. Anonymous on


    2008 Schweden StilVery finnish style and the girl is finnish model Tanja.

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