At home: David Roth

This is David, the dandy blogging on Dandy Diary, whom I visited in his home in Kreuzberg last week. He spent quite some time remodeling his apartment – tearing down the wall paper and plaster, removing the additional ceiling to discover the stucco. He has no chairs (or other furniture to sit on, besides his bed), I also don’t remember a table and his clothes take up one fourth of the room (see a picture on Facebook). A quite conceptual, hence reduced way of living.


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  1. RIY_KA on


    everything in his outfit works, plus his expression on his face, so stark:)

  2. Oliver Bliss on


    Love the block colour and length of the waist coat! He’s easy on the eye too :) his face is beautiful

  3. Jessica on


    Nice photo and article….I’m more concerned about the American Apparel advert on this page. The model looks almost naked and underage. What message is it trying to send? “Nearly naked teens wear our clothes unbuttoned”? O_o~ JR.

  4. Aparna on


    Love the look, especially the turban. Kind of looks ethnicy contemporary. Very cool!

  5. Prad Savania on


    Wow, David looks super cool – nicely put together outfit…Come check out my heel design blogspot too? I think you will like my hand-drawn designs…Great job, take care x

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