At Home: Ruby

Ruby is new to Berlin, having spent the last six years in London working as a stylist. She’s now living together with landscape photographer Noshe in Kreuzberg (one of his photos is hanging behind her). Ruby is also a yoga instructor, and has set up a traveling yoga class, teaching one-on-one in clients’ homes, in addition to in her studio space.


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  1. Anonymous on


    lovely, limber, quietly graceful.

    absolutely adorable!

  2. Anonymous on


    so sweet

  3. Wholesale Fashion on


    Like her nail polish,the place is so clean.. I like it

  4. Anonymous on


    Very impressive. The signals are quite unobtrusive. What kind of object is that circle fixed on the wall?

  5. Sabrina on


    love her style, she’s a real stylist.

    and heart your blog 2

  6. leigh on


    she is also a great yoga teacher, check her out she makes you move and tones you up and relaxed you down in no yoga i have ever had xxx

  7. Michelle Lee on


    love her style :)

    music & fashion post up!

  8. RIY_KA on


    effortless style, and love the look of the room to!

  9. Markus on


    Very nice photo!

  10. sphygmomanometer on


    Nice outfit! And I love her pedicure and eyeglasses, eh.

  11. Kullerkeks on


    Wonderful picture with a beautiful woman. The whole scene is arranged very much in detail, except of the blanket.

  12. Anonymous on


    Ich habe über die Decke auch lange nachgedacht und kam zu dem Ende, dass sie ganz ok ist. Sie signalisiert: neu in Berlin. Und farblich setzt sie genau den richtigen Akzent. Aber was zum Teufel ist denn nun das Kreisding an der Wand?

  13. Jane on


    Agree with everyone. The look of the apartment is awesome, and I love the photo hanging behind her.

  14. Leather jacket on


    very pleasant photograph. i loved the landscape at the back.

  15. Karel Novy on


    It’s usual clothes, but it is nice.

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