It’s Fashion Week!

Yet again Berlin faces the biggest fashion kerfuffle of the year: it’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! Celebrating this and the current increase of super-chic Berlin men, Timo Feldhaus and I portrayed six outstanding and fashionable characters for this year’s edition of Zitty’s Fashion Book (this is Sebastian, a fellow you might already know if you read this blog regularly).
If you want to follow us and our ways through the tents, hopefully discovering beautiful clothing and eating delicate foods from many many tiny plates, you should visit our Facebook profile, where we’ll be constantly posting high quality iPhone pictures.


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  1. Beatrice B. on


    enjoy!!!! und viel Durchhaltevermögen ;)

  2. t h e l i n e s h e e t on


    I love how that there is always a fashion week going on somewhere in the world. It’s comforting! I’ll be sure to check out the FB page. Hope to see more photos of the week from you!

  3. on


    nice suit nice pond too :DCOme follow my blog :)

  4. Duck on


    Have fun at fashion week! Now Paris is over I’m on fashion panic break until September rolls around… xx

  5. Anonymous on


    nice suit with this color!! ;)

  6. Michel on


    it’s interesting how Paris Couture week and Berlin fashion week overlap! have fun :’)

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