On the Runway: Michael Sontag Summer 2012

I started Fashion Week this morning with Michael Sontag‘s show, a designer I’ve been following since he first presented his work in Berlin. Michael’s signature are the flowing cuts, interesting drapes combined with simple shapes and surprising colors. They varied between muddy browns and shiny greys, pure white, muted lime green, gold and, of course (as it seems to be a color Michael appreciates a lot), pure pink. The collection felt like a rainy summer day, just when the sun is about to break through the luminous grey, when you still need to wear something coat-like but can already feel the warmth of the next days. Very optimistic and very Berlin.


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  1. Rose on


    nice colours, a beautiful description & aesthetic photographs!

  2. Pearl jewellery on


    Very hard to get this sort of cut right or it jus ends up looking like a sheet over your head! Lovely colours.

  3. B.Bergström on


    Diese Schnitte, Farben und wie das Material fällt…Großartig

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