At home: Friederike Schilbach

I started a new series for, together with their new editor and my dear friend Julia Knolle, visiting inspiring people in their homes or workplaces. This is Friederike Schilbach, editor at Berlin Verlag. I was the first guest her in her new home in “Neu Schöneberg”, just around the corner from the new and beautiful Murkudis store (everything *new* at Potsdamer Straße, until today, we didn’t even have a ‘Schöneberg’ tag). Visit for more about her.


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  1. Lauren on


    Love, love, love her dress!The Styleseer

  2. Ryne on


    Alors, il faut qu’on parle l’allemand.

  3. Mary on


    l’allemand est une langue merveilleuse

  4. alibaba on


    I just visted Berlin for couple of days ago! It was a wonderful place to be. I would love to study there, hehe (:Another thing that I acutally bought Vogue, the germany version. This mag was just pure beautiful. Me and my friends went to “Made In Berlin” shop. To die for shop. There is no shop like that here in Norway.

  5. Mary on


    great to hear you had so much fun, alibaba!

  6. Ashley on


    I’m new to your blog, but I love everything about it! xx

  7. Lara Maria on


    beautiful picture and I relly enjoy the new people Vogue blog

  8. Erika on


    Love the dress – so effortless!

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