At Work: Ingrid & Conny

Ingrid and Conny are fixtures in Berlin. Between the two of them, they’ve been involved in founding some of Berlin’s best parties – Broken Hearts Club, KingSize Bar, Berlin Festival, Scala, and Rio – and some more I’ve probably lost track of. Their most recent venture is the gold-trimmed FLAMINGO, a newly opened nightclub & cocktail bar tucked away under a viaduct arch in Monbijou Park.


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  1. Fashion Philosopher on


    I am just surprised. I open your blog and the backround is partly red and there is a big ad for Mc Donalds on your blog? Is that just my PC? The Fashion Philosopher

  2. Mary on


    Dear Philosopher, we had that fixed, sorry for the ad-overflow!

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    Cute couple. Both are looking cute.

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