Autumn in Berlin is yellow


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  1. Judith on


    Welche Straße ist denn das?
    Wunderschönes Foto!

  2. fuddled on


    Das Bild sieht toll aus. Richtig idyllisch :)
    Aber kein Wunder, Berlin ist eh eine wundervolle Stadt!

  3. Ryan A. on


    I like the way that you have treated the appearance of the photograph for the blog. Filter?
    Keep up the good work and continual good luck on the thesis,

  4. Sarah on


    Oh nein, bitte kein Instagram auf Stil in Berlin.

  5. Anonymous on


    honestly…this is nothing special…
    You can find trees like that in other cities, too.

    what drugs do you have to take to find this so awesome??? ;)

  6. Anonymous on


    Wow what a gorgeous picture! I follow this blog religiously. Gives me great fashion ideas. At the moment i love They have gorgeous autumn accessories!

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