I finished my studies, so you get presents!

Last week, I finally handed in my M.A. thesis. Which means my time being a student of art history and Japenese studies came to an end. It took me one year to finish my exams and the thesis, and this had a seriously negative effect on this blog, which you might have noticed. I am more than thankful for everyone of you who is still here, waiting patiently for more posts to come. This is why I want to give you a gift. Although you might already be more than tired of the gazillions of gift-giving that happens during christmas time on the blogs out there, I hope some of you might find these pieces appealing.
All you have to do to get one of these is to send a mail to info-at-stilinberlin.de naming which piece you’d like until Thursday, 22nd, 1pm.
Of course I’d appreciate a ›Like‹ or ›Share‹ of our Facebook Page. – The game is closed, we received over 200 mails – and all winners have been noticed by mail – thanks for playing!

a (black!) shirt made from recycled clothes by schmidttakahashi (also for men! approx. size M),

a cosy shirt in creme-beige by Michael Sontag (size M),

a transparent shirt in burgundy by Issever Bahri (size S), and

a little jacket in blue by Vladimir Karaleev (size S-M). Kindly sponsored by Müller Zenone.