At Home: Jan Schmidt-Garre

Jan Schmidt-Garre, whom you can see in this picture sitting in the living room of his home in Grunewald last Autumn, made a film about the beginnings of Yoga: Der Atmende Gott (with German subtitles). Of course this ›sport‹ carries loads of clichés (elitist, rich people searching for meaning in life etc.) – Yes, there are teachers who tell you to breath through your eyes and activate your chakras by making gemeinsame sounds like omm…ammm…ummm etc. (I never returned to this class).
And though this film might sound like something only to be appreciated by die-hard yoga-fans, it’s gentle and calm approach and intelligent interviews and choice of material makes it enjoyable even for those, who think yoga was made popular by esoteric moms occupying Helmholtzplatz. So this is a full-on recommendation for this documentation, that came to cinemas just some days ago.


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  1. StreetLounge on


    Nice place, it reminds me on one magical village in Netherlands :)

  2. Anna on


    that is one amazing window! are there any more pictures of this house?

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