At the studio: Augustin Teboul

Fashion Week is just one week away – but we’re starting a little early this time. I visited some of the most promising designers in their studios to see what they are working on, chat a little and, of course, take their picture.
These two young women are the minds behind the highly regarded label Augustin Teboul: Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul standing on the balcony of their studio / apartment in Neukoelln. I already saw some of the pieces they’ll present next week and was yet again in awe of their effort and richness in detail that is executed in the deepest color of all: pure black. Floor-length sleek gowns lavishly embroidered with pearls and finely draped lines of silk, elaborately knitted short pullovers with sculptural arms and a winter coat with crocheted and embellished cuffs. So much work, material and time goes into these pieces, each is a work of art in itself (hence, the prices – you better don’t ask.)


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    Wow, Fashion Week is really close, I had no idea, thank you for the information :)

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